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hey guys just fyi i’m moving to nickikomori.tumblr.com

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By Christian Hopkins, this very talented young photographer uses his photography as a true artistic outlet to help with his depression. The whole set of images are just stunning and really draw you in, a perfect example of how art can help a person having a difficult time to express themselves. 

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My Guardian


My Guardian

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  • The first rule of ALLY CLUB:

    You do not talk in ALLY CLUB.

  • The second rule of ALLY CLUB:


  • The third rule of ALLY CLUB:

    If a marginalized person says STOP, the argument is over.

  • The fourth rule of ALLY CLUB:

    Ganging up on marginalized people and/or their blogs with a bunch of your privileged buddies means you’re out of ALLY CLUB. If marginalized people come after you in droves? YOU’VE FUCKED UP. APOLOGIZE. DON’T EXPECT TO BE FORGIVEN.

  • The fifth rule of ALLY CLUB:

    If you ping a bunch of marginalized people with the same bullshit “honest question, guise!” then you’re out of ALLY CLUB and automatically inducted into TROLL CLUB.

  • The sixth rule of ALLY CLUB:

    No “what about me,” no “but privileged people don’t have perfect lives, either.”

  • The seventh rule of ALLY CLUB:

    If you fuck with marginalized people you do not get to say when the argument is over. It’s over when the marginalized people you fucked with say it’s over.

  • The eighth rule of ALLY CLUB:

    If this is your first time reading a social justice blog run by a certain group of marginalized people, DO NOT SUBMIT SHIT.

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